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A brief history of DutchDreams.net

As this website celebrates its first anniversary by moving out of "beta", let me use this opportunity to write a brief history of DutchDreams.net and the ideas behind it.

DutchDreams.net started out in February 2004 mainly because I wanted a kind of "internet-playground" and perhaps practice my writing skills a little as I joined the global conversation on the World Wide Web. I had some rudimentary ideas of what I wanted domain to grow into, but these were mostly inarticulate. Kind of like the fancies mentioned by the quote in the header. For the most part, DutchDreams.net was place for me to play and experiment with all those wonderful new publishing tools that have become available in recent times. Consequently DutchDreams.net has served as "just another weblog" during its first year of existence, mainly featuring my comments on day-to-day affairs of the world. Suffice it to say during this time I made all the mistakes one can make in writing a weblog, mainly due to a lack of focus. I have banished these articles to the "old stuff" section and have disabled comments to combat comment spam. As time went by, a clearer picture emerged of what DutchDreams.net should be.
So much of media content (both old and new) and public discourse is focussed on the very short term. Issues are framed as binary, one-dimensional and all too often centred around some cure-all plan. This restricts our thinking, allows a mentality to prevail that is out of touch with reality and deprives us of a positive vision for our future. Founded on the premise that a dream can change the world, DutchDreams.net hopes to extend the temporal horizon and spatial formation of our thinking about society. To take up the challenge to dream up a world in which people, cities, cultures and the environment can blossom in the twenty-first century and beyond.
Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, DutchDreams.net is not supposed to be a one man show, but a conversation of sorts. I welcome not just feedback, but active participation and debate. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving a comment to any of the articles, suggest new routes of inquiry in one of the open threads, or better yet, share your dreams! Please be civil and consider the wider aims of DutchDreams.net when contributing.

"Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be."
Kahlil Gibrand

Great post i feel i have learned something today thanks again. By the way there is allot of spammy comments on here you should clean this up a bit if you did not have all these spammers i may have found your site faster.
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Dutch sistersite

I've started Dietse Dromen, a Dutch language weblog, with my friend Marc, check it out some day!

Posted @ 10 11 05 | four comments

Mapping the global future

The National Intelligence Counsel of the US dreamed up the likely world in 2020. Read the results here (bulky pdf), over a hundred pages worth of scenarios for the future...

Posted @ 28 01 05 | three comments

ComTech review

The new Community Tech review is online. Lots of interesting stuff...

Posted @ 26 01 05 | four comments

Automotive Dreams

Tim Leuliette made an interesting speech on the future of the automobile industry, oil and the hydrogen economy.

Posted @ 24 01 05 | five comments

Changing Opinions in a Changing World: A new perspective in Sociophysics

I found this article in the ArXiv today. In it, some applications and implications of recent advances in the reletively new field of sociophysics are discussed. This piece reminds me of a quote I once read of James Trefil:


Posted @ 27 10 04 | five comments

Conference: ICT, Knoledge society and changes in work

Perhaps readers will find this interesting:


Posted @ 26 10 04 | two comments

"Sociophysics" or complex network theory

RedNova has been so kind to write the post I was working on, introducing complex network theory or "sociophysics" to the readers of this blog. Not much depth, but a nice intro to those of you new to the subject. (via Minding the Planet)

Posted @ 21 10 04 | two comments

Organisational hierarchy in intelligence analysis

Orgnet.com has a short piece applying some of the lessons of complexity theory to organising the intelligence community.

Posted @ 20 10 04 | six comments

"Hacking democracy in the UK"

Scalefree.net points to some interesting developments in the UK, explained at perfect.co.uk. This may get interesting...

Posted @ 20 10 04 | three comments

DEMOS: Masters of the Universe

Another interesting piece of thinking from demos: Masters of the universe. Exploring the implications and possibilities coming with cheap spacetrabel.

Posted @ 13 10 04 | One comment




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